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Forest Service retirees chide firefighting litigation

by chris sorensen |

Calling it "ridiculous" and "irresponsible," the National Association of Forest Service Retirees on Tuesday lambasted a lawsuit filed against the agency by current employees who want an evaluation of the environmental and social effects of wildland firefighting.

"It is so outrageous, it boggles my mind," said Richard Pfilf, executive director of the 250-member retirees' group.

But the Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics bit back, saying the retirees were the people who created the dangerous conditions that exist in forests throughout the West.

"They are trying to defend their legacy, which is indefensible," said Andy Stahl, FSEEE's executive director. "These are the folks who have given us today's forest health crisis. They're the people who logged every commercial stick they could get their hands on and put out every fire in the forest."