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March 4th Board Meeting

by Chuck Sheley |

MARCH 4, 2006

1. Board approved additional $25,000 to be invested by Caldwell Securities (John Helmer). This will bring the total to $100,000 that has been invested in portfolios other than CD's since June 2004. Total return on these investments since 2004 has been 25.8%. Thanks go out to John Helmer who is our
investment expert and a great asset to the smokejumping board.

2. The trails program has 14 projects lined up for this season and Jon McBrideis currently accepting volunteers, so don't delay. The trails program is initiating the first Art Jukula Educational Scholarships which will be awarded to sons & daughters ofsmokejumpers who died in the line of duty.

3. The January issues represented four vacant board positions asking for applications. Four candidates sent in apps, so it was an easy vote. Larry Lufkin, Mark Corbet, Leo Cromwell with new member Gary Johnson (RDD and RAC).Gary will come on board July 1, 2006.

4. Due to the efforts of Jim Cherry and John McDaniel, life memberships have increased to 158 with more due in this week. Thanks to all new "lifers" and to Jim and John.

5. Leo Cromwell gave an update on the upcoming National Smokejumper Reunion June 8, 9, 10, 2007 in Boise, Idaho. Site will be at Boise State University. The NSA, represented by Leo and Chuck Sheley, will be working with the committees in the coming months.

6. All merchandising is being handled by Western Heritage. Doug Houston will soon become the NSA advisor to Western Heritage with remaining as the link to Western Heritage and smokejumper merchandise. Just go to and click on Store.

7. An internal audit of the treasurer's books is in progress. This is being done
by Charlie Brown and Larry Lufkin which was a recommended action item from the RAC 2005 meeting.

8. John McDaniel is launching a project attempting to identify address/information on over 1800 smokejumpers that we have no information on. There will be more on this in the next magazine as we are looking for volunteers to assist in this venture.

9. The Vietnam Tour in Jan 2007, sponsored by Fred Rohrbach, currently has
22 people signed up and still has room for more. There will be more info in the next magazine.

10. The North Cascades Smokejumper Base is also having a reunion in September of 2007.More information coming.

11. The next board meeting will be at the Cave Junction Reunion, June 17, 2006. The fall meeting will be in Wenatchee, Washington, October 7. Hope to see a lot of smokejumpers & families there.