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NSA's online store heads for change

by webmaster |

Over the last months, some of you may have noticed that prices in the store have been considerably reduced nearly storewide. You may also have seen that the selection has been getting smaller over time.

Both of these are due to the fact that we are headed for a major turnover in how we run our store. For quite a while now, Chuck Sheley (CJ 1959) has managed the merchandising for the NSA as a volunteer, and has nurtured it into a formidable income for the organization and a source of information, gifts, clothing, etc., and pride for the membership and community. This is quite a task and it is getting time that he wishes to set that end of things down.

Therefore the NSA has employed an outfit that will begin running the online store sometime this summer. Rather than turn our merchandise over to them, we’re aiming for a cleaner sellout of the current inventory. The upshot of all this for you, the NSA shopper, is great deals on store items as we put them up for clear out!

We’ve already sold out of many of our products and the items we have left are down to handfuls at best, so if you want a great bargain on your favorite NSA item, the time couldn’t be better to grab it! Remember, these great prices will only last through our clear out.

Oh and don’t forget to say a kind word to Chuck ( ) if you happen upon him for his years of great work building NSA merchandising all on his own time! He will refocus his service to the magazine and web presence, and serves the board and exec committee.

Happy shopping ;-)