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Fire Jumps Leader

by Doug Houston (NSA President) |

On June 30th, Dale Longanecker, NCSB, and Mark Corbet, RAC, jumped a two jumper fire on the Methow District of the Okanogan/Wenatchee National Forest.

It was Dale's 300th fire jump and Mark's 299th. That is an amazing amount of experience and jumps on one fire. The weight of all of those jumps, alone, put the fire out. Since that date, Mark got his 300th on a fire out of Redmond and Dale now has 307 fire jumps.

Also, in this great race for the Fire Jump Leader is Wally Wasser, Boise, who it's rumored, got his 300th the day prior to Dale's jump. He has more since that time, so it is a tight race and is a remarkable number for these 3 of America's finest.

Good luck to all three and stay healthy.